viernes, septiembre 21, 2007


“Newspapers always excite curiosity. No one ever lays one down without a feeling of disappointment.”
Charles Lamb, 1833

“Never forget if you don’t hit a newspaper reader between the eyes with your first sentence, there is no need of writing a second one.”
Arthur Brisbane, c1900

“They used to say man’s life was a closed book. So it is but it’s an open newspaper.”
Finlay Peter Dunne, 1902

“When a dog bites a man that is not news, but when a man bites a dog that is news.”
John B. Bogart, Editor NY Sun,

“Newspapers cannot be defined by the second word -- paper. They’ve got to be defined by the first word -- news.”
New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberg, Jr.

"People don’t actually read newspapers. They step into them every morning like a hot bath."
Communications theorist Marhsall McLuhan

“’The newspapers! Sir, they are the most villainous, licentious, abominable, infernal-
Not that I ever read them! No, I make it a rule never to look into a newspaper.’”
Richard Brinsley Sheridan, The Critic. Act I Scene

"Were it left to me to decide whether we should have government without newspapers, or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter."
Thomas Jefferson, 1787

“The newspapers are the ruling power. Any other government is reduced to a few marines at Fort Independence. If a man neglects to read the Daily Times, government will go down on its knees to him, for this is the only treason these days.”
Henry David Thoreau, US essayist and naturalist, 1906

“We live under a government of men and morning newspapers.”
Wendell Phillips, U.S. abolitionist and orator, 1852

“Most of us probably feel we couldn’t be free without newspapers, and that is the real reason we want the newspapers to be free.”
Edward R Murrow, US broadcast journalist, 1958

“To read a newspaper for the first time is like coming into a film that has been on for an hour. Newspapers are like serials. To understand them you have to take knowledge to them; the knowledge that serves best is the knowledge provided by the newspaper itself.”
V.S. Naipaul, novelist, 1987

“Frankly, despite my horror of the press, I’d love to rise from the grave every ten years or so and go buy a few newspapers.”
Luis Buñuel, Spanish filmmaker

“I often wonder what future historians will say about us. One sentence will suffice to describe modern man: he fornicated and he read newspapers.”
Albert Camus, French novelist, dramatist, philosopher, 1956

“My doctors told me this morning my blood pressure is down so low that I can start reading the newspapers.”
Ronald Reagan, US President, 1987

“In my view, far from deserving condemnation for their courageous reporting, the New York Times, the Washington Post and other newspapers should be commended for serving the purpose that the Founding Fathers saw so clearly.”
Hugo L Black, Associate Justice, US Supreme Court, on the press’s right to publist the Pentagon Papers, 1971

“Here is the living disproof of the old adage that nothing is as dead as yesterday’s newspaper...This is what really happened, reported by a free press to a free people. It is the raw material of history; it is the story of our own times.”
Henry Steel Commager, historian, 1951

“News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.”
Lord Northcliffe

"If you want to see television stations panic, go to a town where the newspapers are on strike."
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