miércoles, octubre 21, 2009

La puja racial entre Facebook y MySpace

"No one uses MySpace," says 17-year-old Halie Pacheco, a student at The Urban School. She likes Facebook. "It's safer and more high class," she explains.
"By 'high class' I think she means organized," adds 16-year-old Olivia Block. "With MySpace there's a lot of clutter." 
"I have friends who are white," says 19-year-old Diego Luna. "They are my white people friends and they are mostly on Facebook. That's why I use Facebook. My brown people are on MySpace."

Tres párrafos de un informe de NPR sobre las diferencias entre Facebook y MySpace. Say no more.

PD: A esta hora, es la noticia más vista de NPR.

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